Workers’ Compensation is a Protected Right

We’ve handled thousands of workers' compensation claims. Often our clients have been hurt at work but are afraid they will be fired if they make a work comp claim. In Illinois, an employer may not retaliate against you for filing a workers' comp claim.

Your protections are much broader than you may realize. Not only are you protected from your current employer if you file a workers' comp claim, but future employers may not fire you for having a filed a workers' comp claim in your past. Furthermore, your employer may not retaliate if you testify in a workers' compensation proceeding on behalf of a co-worker.

If you or someone you know has been terminated or disciplined for filing a work comp claim, call us. We can help. Even if we didn’t handle your workers' comp claim, we can help you if you’ve been retaliated against for filing it. Our fellow workers' compensation lawyers routinely refer these matters to our office to handle. If you need a law firm that will protect your rights, then call the Law Office of Keith Short.  618-655-9499 or 618-254-0055

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