Keith Short Settles Work Comp Claim for $285,000

In a hard fought claim, we were able to secure a settlement for a disabled laborer. The case literally settled moments before the parties were set to start the trial. Our client received $175,000.00 tax free in a lump sum and receives a minimum of another $103,000.00 to pay for future medical expenses. We were also able to get our client approved for Social Security Disability and keep both the monthly SSD payments and the $175,000.00 tax free. It certainly will not replace the loss of the total amount of income the worker would have received had he been able to go back to work full time. But, he now has a regular income, can pay off all of his debts and has his future medical bills guaranteed.

Not all cases turn out this well. But if you want the best result possible you must hire a lawyer and firm who understands what it takes to get you all you deserve...the only way to get that is to prove to the insurance company that you and your lawyer have the guts to take on the fight. Stand up to the bullies; call the Law Office of Keith Short. 618-655-9499

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