Will Cohabitating With Another Person Affect Alimony?

The purpose of alimony is to provide support for the spouse seeking the alimony. This support will usually last until the seeking spouse can adequately provide for themselves.  The court will look at many factors to determine the amount of alimony, including the standard of living the spouses enjoyed throughout their marriage, and each spouse's income.

However, if the person receiving alimony lives with another person in a “conjugal” relationship, they may be in trouble when it comes to receiving anymore payments.  The court will look at the nature of the cohabitating relationship and the nature of the economic impact of the cohabitating relationship.

If the court finds that the person receiving alimony is receiving support from a different source, such as the cohabitating conjugal relationship, the court may completely stop the alimony payments in favor of the paying spouse.

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