When $75,000.00 is not nearly enough

We recently settled a case for a client who was horribly injured in a car accident in which she was a passenger. Her medical bills topped $400,000.00.  Her life will forever be impaired due to her terrible injuries.  The defendant’s insurance company immediately offered the full policy which we accepted.  The client did not have “underinsured coverage” in her own policy and the defendant did not have any assets other than the insurance policy.  So the policy limit is all there was.

How can this be fair? It’s not.  The law rarely is fair.  So, what do we do as a law firm?  We do all we can to get her life back on track.

We do is negotiate with the client’s healthcare insurance company to make certain they don’t take all of her money in reimbursement. We also negotiate with the medical providers to get them to take less than they are owed and write off the balances.  We ensure that the client isn’t hounded by debt collectors.  We help our client maximize her medical treatment.  And last, we try to put as much money as possible in our client’s pocket to help make life a little better.

Sometimes even the best lawyers around cannot get a client fully compensated because there simply isn’t enough money. The duty of the lawyer is to protect the client; eliminate bills if possible; secure the best possible treatment…and get life back on track.  That’s what we do.  If you need help then call:  The Law Office of Keith Short, P.C.  618-254-0055

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