Madison County is supposed to be a “hell hole” for defendants.  That’s the lie perpetuated by insurance companies and corporate America to sway jurors to hate lawsuits and plaintiffs before the case is even heard.  But Madison County isn’t a hell hole at all.  In 2014 the total amounts awarded in all civil trials was $2.3 million dollars.  THAT’S THE TOTAL FOR ALL TRIALS!  One case received over $1 million of that total.  There were only 17 trials the entire year.  That is virtually nothing considering Madison County is the 8th most populous county in the state, has one of the largest asbestos dockets and is one of the supposed hell-holes.

Remember one last thing:  DOCTORS WIN 90% OF ALL MED MAL TRIALS.  They won all but one trial in Madison County last year…and won all three trials last week in St. Louis County.

The myth simply isn’t true…no matter how many times they scream it.

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