Sheina Franco’s Experience this Summer and Future Employment

Sheina Franco will be joining the firm as an associate attorney in 2014. Sheina is currently finishing up her last year in law school at Liberty University School of Law in Lynchburg, VA. She knew her senior year of high school that she wanted to be an attorney. While in law school, Sheina decided she wanted to be a litigator. She saw Mr. Short in trial while she clerked for Judge Dennis Ruth. With Judge Ruth's recommendation, she was hired to clerk and was so impressive that she was offered full-time employment.

This summer Sheina sat at counsel table with Mr. Short for a medical malpractice jury trial and has sat in on numerous depositions of medical experts. Sheina was instrumental in preparing cases for litigation. She has been exposed to all aspects of civil and workers' compensation litigation and has even prepared matters for federal court and has written an appeal for the Southern District of Missouri. Sheina has sat in a workers' compensation trials, as well as arbitration hearings.

Sheina is excited about joining the firm full time next year and we are thrilled to have her.

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