At The Law Office of Keith Short we only get paid if we win your trial or force a fair settlement.  We don’t issue bills to our clients nor do we seek reimbursement of costs if we don’t succeed.  We do what we can to ensure our clients’ get the result they want, but that’s not always possible.  In every trial someone loses… even us.  When we do lose we feel horrible for our clients; we second guess our decisions; we learn from the experience and we get better.  The one thing we won’t ever do is promise victory:  no lawyer can.  What we promise is full and honest effort.


We recently tried a case and lost.  We didn’t lose because we weren’t prepared or didn’t make logical arguments.  We lost because trials are filled with uncertainty:  conservative judges, questionable witnesses, fights about what is true and what isn’t.  So we tried and lost; then we fought the appeal, but again, the case was lost.  How did the client react?  Today I received a two page thank you letter and a card.  The client loved our passion, admired our effort and felt he received the best representation he could have ever hoped for.  We lost and he was still grateful.  (You can stop by the office and read the letter) So today I feel a little better about my job and my team.   Why?   We kept our promise. 

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