With the holidays approaching it seems many folks focus on buying, consuming and “getting.”  We don’t deny that it is fun to get gifts…tearing through the packages to get that surprise gift you never thought you’d get.  It’s wonderful!  But there is something that feels so, so much better:  Giving that gift.

Our law firm just made several donations to charities.  This week we gave to the Ronald McDonald House, to the United Way and several others.  The amounts given are irrelevant.  The truth is that I admire the minimum wage worker who quietly drops a quarter in the Salvation Army kettle a whole lot more than the millionaire who gives $10,000 to charity and then takes the tax write off.  I don’t begrudge them their deduction…but I find the publication of the size of the donation offensive.  Every gift matters! And sometimes the smallest donations are truly the greatest sacrifice.

If you’re blessed, share the blessing.   Please.

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