In just a 3 week period Keith Short and Zach Pashea achieved the following:

1. Settled a premises lawsuit case for $100,000.00
2. Settled a workers' compensation case for $80,000.00
3. Settled a property injury lawsuit case for $15,000.00
4. Settled a workers' compensation case for $82,500.00
5. Settled a claim against the state of Illinois for $13,000.00
6. Won a verdict from the Illinois Court of Claims for $24,000.00
7. Received a settlement of a civil lawsuit in St. Louis for $75,000.00
5. Tried a workers' compensation case in Illinois
6. Filed 2 medical malpractice claims in Missouri
7. Argued against defendant's appeal of our trial victory in a workers' compensation case
8. Completed the depositions of 4 different experts (orthopedic surgeons, family practice doctors, and a neurosurgeon)
9. Successfully represented a young woman who allegedly drove too fast without a seatbelt.
10. Represented a man accused of driving under the influence.

A typical three week cycle for us. And we're ready for more. If you need a lawyer, call us at 618-655-9499 or 618-254-0055 or email us at keith@siltrial.com.

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