Naked Rituals Lead to a Mother’s Loss of Custody

An Illinois woman lost custody of her children due to placing them in within the “immediate risk of physical harm” when she became involved in a church that participated in “naked rituals with its followers.”

There was testimony from other followers that the woman brought her two female children, ages 10 and 13, into the male pastor’s home without any type of clothing or covering on.  The pastor then instructed the mother to “groom” her children.  This later led to a criminal investigation and a petition to modify the custody of the children.

The Kane County judge ruled that the mother’s conduct was knowing and reckless.  The mother’s conduct created “an immediate risk of physical harm to the children.”  The Court transferred custody to the father and the Appellate Court affirmed.

Here, at the Law Office of Keith Short, we understand the importance of protecting children who are involved in a custody situation.  If you are seeking a modification of your custody because you believe that your children may be in danger, contact us and let us fight for you!


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