How can a good person be a criminal defense lawyer?

America was built on certain principles:  That the people should choose their leaders, that everyone should be able to practice his/her faith, that citizens have a right to bear arms, the right to vote, the right to congregate, to pursue happiness…and the right to representation when accused of a crime.

 One of the reasons we represent people accused of crimes is that our entire system of government is based on the idea of the fair application of the law; that people cannot be accused of a crime and simply thrown in jail.  Jailing people falsely or without charges or without a speedy trial happens in countries throughout the world…even in American…but it should not here.  One of our jobs is to ensure that the rights of the innocent and, frankly, the guilt are preserved.  My freedom and yours depends on lawyers willing to take a stand to preserve those rights.

 “Fairness” can only occur when the individual has the right to adequately represent himself…when the State must prove its case.  We consider it our responsibility (in fact, our privilege) to defend people from the overreach of government.  Please understand that we do not feel it is our responsibility to help a guilty person go free.  Not at all.  Our responsibility is to see that the State does its job of proving the very claims it asserts.  If the State is going to accuse someone of a crime and punish him by taking away his freedom…by financially binding him forever…then it damn well better prove its case.  And if the State does prove its case then our job is to see that the punishment fits the crime and no more.

 Whether you like lawyers or not…you must understand that lawyers are the only line of defense between a citizen (one person) and the power of the government.  Our founding fathers understood this; we hope you do too.

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