Don’t hire a work comp lawyer who is afraid to lose or who gives up!

Last year we tried a case in which the insurance company hired great lawyers and a high priced expert.  We tried the case in front of a very conservative arbitrator and lost.  Not surprising.  Even before the trial I told my client we stood a better chance in front of the Workers’ Compensation Commission (appeal panel).  We appealed the case and lost again.  Obviously I was surprised!  We appealed to the circuit court.  The only way to win a circuit court appeal of a comp case is to convince the court that the Commission was completely wrong; that they had absolutely no basis for their decision.  We wrote an extensive, well thought-out brief and were well prepared to argue our case.  Immediately after the close of arguments the judge explained that he read the entire transcript, read all of the briefs, knew all of the facts…then he pointed his finger at me and said, “you win.”

We won on all issues.  After the appeal the insurance company asked how much we wanted to settle.

Here is the point:  When you’re right, be willing to fight, even if you might lose.  Stand up for yourself and we will stand with you.  Call the Law Office of Keith Short.  618-655-9499

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