Car accident trials…the results: 14-1

When you decide to hire an attorney, ask him how many cases he’s tried. A lot of lawyers can settle a case, but if the lawyer has no courtroom experience (and most have none) then the insurance company will certainly have no incentive to make a fair offer.  If the insurance company won’t voluntarily give you what’s fair then we’ll go to trial and take it from them.

At the Law Office of Keith Short we’ve tried 15 jury and arbitration cases in the last 5 years. Our record is 14-1.  By all standards, that’s a very good record.  These results don’t necessarily mean that your case will have the same outcome, but they do mean that you will get the same level of excellent representation.  You’ll only get that level of experience if you hire us, so call at 618-655-9499 and 618-254-0055.  The consultation is free.  Call us today.

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