11 for 11 Settled Malpractice Cases

Sometimes a lawyer willingly takes on a lot of hard work, for very little money simply because it’s the right thing to do.  That might be difficult to believe, but it does happen.

We recently represented 11 people who were all treated by the same physician.  All had lost money, had pain, frustration, felt cheated and betrayed by the doctor.  They came from all sorts of walks of life:  men, women, older and younger…all but 1 had college degrees.  They all were harmed and felt betrayed by a doctor they trusted.

When the group came to me I told them all the same things: They were all injured, but not terribly so.  They were all misled by their doctor.  They had all lost money, some more than others.  No one would ever be made rich by this litigation.  Instead, we hoped to get them some of their money back and to get their lives back on track.  To some measure we did.  We recently settled all of the cases for varying amounts.  No one made much, but that wasn’t the point.  What mattered was that they stood up for themselves and we stood with them.

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