St. Clair County is the 9th most populous in the state with over 264,000 people.  But in St. Clair County last year there were only 15 jury trials.  That’s it!  Only 7 of those trials were won by the plaintiff.  I am happy to say that the Law Office of Keith Short was one of the winning law firms.  In 2016 in Madison County (the 8th most populous with 266,000 people) there were a total of 16 jury trials and the plaintiff won a total of 9 cases.  That’s it…9 times.  That means that 16 people out of 530,000+ residents in the 2 counties won a lawsuit….so, .00003 percent of the population won a lawsuit.  Hell-holes?  Hardly.

There is a reason that insurance companies, corporate America and the chamber of commerce spread the lie of too many lawsuits.  They get to rationalize charging higher and higher premiums by claiming (lying) that there are too many lawsuits! Too many trials! Too much jackpot justice!!  It’s a lie.  Seven Plaintiffs winning their cases in a county this big is simply not very many and certainly isn’t a “hell-hole.”

This is the battle plaintiff lawyers have to fight.  In addition to fighting the facts and law of your case, we also have to fight the huge bias against lawsuits.  But, as we proved, we can win even despite the lies.  If you want a chance to win your case then call the Law Office of Keith Short, 618-655-9499

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