Horrible leg injury results in $500,000 settlement.

Our client (one of the sweetest women I know) recently had a terrible injury to her leg.  The injury occurred when a worker left a room, shut off the lights, but forgot to cover a hole created in the floor.  The woman entered the room, and as she was reaching for the light switch, her leg went through the opening and was slit open from below the knee to the upper thigh.  She suffered muscle and nerve injury in addition to the foot-long laceration to her leg.  We were able to get the full amount of the premises liability policy. Also, we were able to get most of her medical bills reduced, the balances paid off and get her a considerable amount for the injury itself.  We can’t get her functionality back and we wish she didn’t have such a big scar.  But we got her all that was available and helped get her life back on track.  She is a wonderful person and we could not be happier for her recovery.  While all cases don’t get this great a result, they all get the same effort.  If you’ve been inured due to the carelessness of another then please call us.  The Law Office of Keith Short, 618-254-0055.

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