Often people wonder what a lawyer does to earn 1/3 of a car accident settlement or verdict.  It’s a fair question.  Here are some of the things we do:

 1.        We ensure you receive the best medical care possible.  We don’t suggest doctors who are simply puppets for plaintiff lawyers; that’s self-serving and doesn’t help the client get better.  If we recommend a doctor then you can bet he/she is world class and knows how to provide the best treatment possible. 

2.       We will do everything to ensure that your medical bills are paid in full.  We don’t want bills hanging over your head and we don’t want your credit rating destroyed.

3.       We negotiate reductions in liens and bills.

4.       We help you get lost wages.

5.       We help get your car fixed and get you a rental when possible.

6.       We fight the insurance company’s adjusters, high priced lawyers and bought-and-paid-for doctors.  You get better…we’ll take care of everything else.

7.       We negotiate the highest possible settlement…and if we don’t get it, we absolutely will take your case to trial.  In the last three years we’ve handled over 100 car accident cases and have litigated (arbitration or jury trial) over a dozen car accident cases…and we haven’t lost one. 

We don’t promise anyone anything other than our full, honest effort.  If you’re scared, confused, and unsure what to do then call the Law Office of Keith Short.  We only get paid if we help you recover. 

Call 618-655-9499 or 618-254-0055. 


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