A change for next year…and the staff screams “yay!”

One reason I started my own firm, after being a partner at a big firm, was that I wanted to work in a close-knit environment. With independence comes risk.  If I fail, my firm fails.  If my staff fails, my firm fails.  If we don’t take care of the clients then the firm fails.  We haven’t failed.  In fact, it’s the opposite.

This year was long and successful! We tried a lot of cases. Lost some; won some.  Forged some great settlements for our clients.  I try to share the success with the staff because we are a team. There’s one thing more valuable than money:  time.  So, in addition to bonuses, I decided the best way to show the team my appreciation is that starting in 2017, we will close the office from December 24 through January 2.  We will all still check our emails daily and will respond to any client emergencies.  But, we can also enjoy our time with kids and grandkids.  We can rest and prepare for another challenging year.  That’s one of the benefits of being a small and successful firm; the freedom to enjoy life!

We hope that everyone has a safe and happy New Year! Honestly, we hope that no one needs a lawyer next year.  If you do then call us. We’ll help. Law Office of Keith Short, 618-655-9499 and 254-0055.

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