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The 2% Truth about Lawsuits (and no, we’re not being 2% truthful)

It is the common belief that Americans are “lawsuit happy.” Lawyers and lawsuits bear the blame for many things in society. People won’t do certain things out of fear of “being sued.” The common perception that lawsuits are “out of control” regarding frequency is demonstrably false. In a recent book “The Myth of the Litigious…
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St. Clair County is the 9th most populous in the state with over 264,000 people.  But in St. Clair County last year there were only 15 jury trials.  That’s it!  Only 7 of those trials were won by the plaintiff.  I am happy to say that the Law Office of Keith Short was one of…
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City Faces Loss of another Good Servant

Keith Short is stepping down from his Edwardsville alderman responsibilities to spend more time with his family and fiance. Alderman Short is grateful for his time and experiences with the City of Edwardsville, and will be assisting Mayor Patton with nominating his replacement. 88-0019bb2963f4.html
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