This week the Law Office of Keith Short tried and won a car accident case in St. Clair County.  It was a one day trial.  The case was a smaller value case, but it was just as important as the million dollar cases we are trying in August, 2016 and in early 2017.  We are as concerned with our smaller cases just as much as we are with our larger ones.  In the case tried this week we set a bottom dollar amount to settle.  The insurance company offered us $3,000.00 less than our bottom-line demand.  I was confident my client would win what we demanded and told the insurance company, “No thanks, we’ll take our chances with the jury.”  We did…and won exactly what we had demanded.  We had correctly assessed the value of the case and we wouldn’t budge below our bottom-line.  Not every case works out this well, but the point is simple:  If you want a law firm that understands the law…knows your case inside and out…and has the courtroom skills to fight every fight, then call the Law Office of Keith Short.  Whether your case is worth ten thousand dollars or a million, you will get the exact same aggressive, determined effort.  Call the Law Office of Keith Short for a free consultation.  618-655-9499.


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