In a car accident? 7 things to bring when you first meet your lawyer

First, we hope you're not seriously injured. If you're not injured then you probably don't need a lawyer, assuming your car is being properly repaired. But if you are injured and you want to see a lawyer then try to have the following ready for your initial consultation. You don't have to have them all...but having them is a great start:

1. A list of all witnesses to the accident. If possible, provide contact information for the witnesses.
2. A list of all of your medical providers since the accident. Also, the names and contact information of your doctors in the 3-5 years preceding the accident.

3. A copy of your medical insurance card, if you have one.
4. Any photographs you or someone you know took at the scene of the accident.
5. Any letters or contact information from any insurance company adjuster: your insurance or the other driver's.
6. A copy of the police report
7. A copy of your insurance card and policy (if you have it).

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