A winning track record: Why you should call us if you’re in a car accident.

Our firm handles a lot of car accident cases…a lot.  We have also tried more car accident cases in the last 5 years than just about anyone else.  And we win… a lot.  The reason we’ve had to try so many cases is because we simply won’t let the insurance companies push our clients around.  We won’t let our clients be forced to accept a settlement offer that’s lower than they deserve.  We won’t let them bring in hired-gun experts to claim they can “prove” our client couldn’t have been hurt in the accident.  We recently convinced a court to throw out one such expert who the court deemed not qualified to testify.  Her opinion was pure junk, not real science.

We will do everything we can to quickly and efficiently settle your case.  Frankly that’s the easiest way for a lawyer to make fast money.  But, we will not settle your case if it’s not in your best interests.  We’re ready to push towards trial and we will have you ready.  Remember, often a good defense is a great offense.  If you’re ready for a fight, you often don’t ever have to fight.

Just this week, three new clients were referred to us by other lawyers.  Those lawyers know that we’re prepared to fight and win in every case.  If you want that kind of representation then call us.  The Law Office of Keith Short.  618-655-9499 or 618-254-0055.

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