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Personal Injury Attorney, Nursing Home Neglect Law Attorney Near Belleville IL

At Keith Short and Associates, P.C., we are the full-service personal injury law attorney near Belleville IL that represents you and your loved ones in a wide range of personal injury matters and we do it with focused expertise. There is nothing worse than trusting that your loved one is safe in a nursing home, only to find evidence of neglect. The same is true with medical providers, you should feel safe that they are making decisions for your treatment that is based on expertise, when they don’t we are the medical malpractice attorney that is there for you.

We Make Them Take Responsibility

A personal injury can be life-changing. It can affect your income, your relationships, your ability to work and how you move forward in the future. It is not fair that you should have to struggle after a personal injury, it is only right that the responsible party takes responsibility for your injury. Whether you need experienced workers' compensation attorneys to help you navigate a workers' compensation claim or you need someone to advocate for your loved one that has suffered negligence in a nursing home, we are here to help you. We are the law firm that offers the specialty attorney you need to get justice:

  • Automobile, Car & Trucking Accident Attorney
  • Bicycle & Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney
  • Boating Accident Law Attorney
  • Slip and Fall Accident Injury Law Attorney
  • Construction Accident Law Attorney
  • Product Liability & Chemical Exposure Attorneys

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We can be your workplace accident attorney or represent you in your car accident. In other words, we are the personal injury firm that does it all when it comes to personal injuries. Contact us today to talk about your case!