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What does “The Best Interests of the Child” mean in a divorce?

Once upon a time, the court system used to apply something called the “tender years doctrine.”  This doctrine presumed that the child’s best interests were to give custody of that child to the mother.  This doctrine has since been replaced with the Best Interest of the Child standard.  So, what exactly is this standard? In…
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One more thing for State of Illinois employees to know….Ugh!

Over the years I have represented more Illinois state workers than I can recall.  Handling cases against the state and the AG’s office poses all sorts of unique problems.  One of them makes absolutely no sense at all.  Here it is: In cases settled with by the state of Illinois, the terms of the settlement…
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The CAP: settlements for injured state of Illinois employees

One of the unique issues facing injured state employee is the bargaining position of the Attorney General’s (AG) office. In catastrophic injuries (usually permanent total disability claims) the state has a negotiating cap of $149,999.99.  The assistant AGs do not have authority to offer more than that amount to settle no matter how injured the…
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