Work Comp: 3 things to know

History is everything.  Tell your boss and co-workers if youre injured.  Tell them how you were injured; tell them what body part you think you injured.  Do it immediately.  Document it somehow (a for $% from the employer or even and email or text to the boss).  Make certain you tell you doctor or hospital the full and correct history the moment you get medical care.

Pick the right doctors.  There are a lot of doctors who don’t want to be involved in a work comp claim.  They won't treat you.  They won't refer you to a specialist.  And, they won't give a deposition (even if paid a lot of money for their time).  Without support from your doctor, the lawyer’s hands are tied.

Pick the right lawyer.  If your lawyer hasn’t handled hundreds (maybe thousands) of cases, then pick again.  If your lawyer can't answer every single question you have without “looking into it” then pick again.  If your lawyer hasn’t tried at least 30 or more cases to verdict (not just settled) then you might want to pick again.  A competent work comp lawyer knows the law and medicine inside out.  He/she knows the judges (arbitrators) and the defense lawyers and insurance adjusters.  And they know the defense doctors the insurance companies always turn to.  Most importantly, the insurance company will know whether your lawyer is a fighter or someone who always caves and settles.  Pick wisely. 

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