A real-life example of how horrible a work comp insurance company can be…they refused to accept the opinion of their own doctor!

Today’s example of work comp BS:  Client was injured when struck by a truck.  He treated with a company doctor who thought our client was hurt but thought surgery was not necessary at that point.  We sent him to a doctor we trust; he said the client would only return to work if he had surgery.  Work comp didn’t like that opinion so they sent him to another doctor (a respected surgeon).  That doctor agreed with our expert that the client needed surgery.  Did the insurance company listen to their chosen expert?  NO!  Instead, they’ve decided to rely on another doctor who has never actually met my client and isn’t a surgeon.  That other doctor is someone who reviews charts for insurance companies and issues reports which are almost always favorable to the insurance company.  They’re now claiming our client isn’t even hurt.  It is shameful.  We will take the depositions of the surgeons, go to trial and ask for penalties and attorney’s fees.

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