Work Comp Carpal Tunnel Trial = WIN!

A few days ago we received the decision in a highly disputed CTS claim.  One of the reasons the insurance company denied the case was that our client had CTS a decade before he began working for his current employer.  Another concern was that the arbitrator in our case is known for being conservative (think business friendly)…a good judge, just conservative.  So, how did we approach the issue?  Head on.  We had our client admit on direct examination that he had CTS a long time ago but that he changed job titles, did his therapy and never needed surgery…and never filed a claim.

When he switched to his current job last year he was required to use power tools and perform many repetitive grasping and squeezing motions throughout the day.  We were able to show that he had gone a decade without treatment, lost time or complaints.  His problems started up only after six months on the new job and his complaints were worse than ever.

At trial the client was very frank and honest about his prior symptoms.  He never exaggerated the demands of his new job.  We were able to describe his current job in great detail.  All these were the needed elements to turn what seemed like a difficult case into a winner.

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