A wage differential award could make a workers’ comp claim worth $100,000 -$300,000 or more depending on the age of the worker and the future lost earnings.  We just won another one.

On Feb. 24 we received the decision of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission affirming our trial win of a wage differential award.  The employer first claimed our client was an Indiana employee; they wanted Indiana jurisdictions because the benefits they would have to pay are much lower.  We beat them on that issue by proving through evidence and cross examination that our claim belonged in Illinois.

The employer next argued that the client was capable of returning to work as a dump truck driver (probably true) and that he was able to earn the same income as before the accident (completely untrue).  Our client did a very specific form of truck driving called a “tank truck” driver.  Tank drivers earn twice as much money as dump truck drivers.  We were able to prove our client’s injuries will cost him to lose money every week for the rest of his work life.  Our award compensates him for that loss.   The employer can now either pay him for the rest of his work life or they can settle in a lump sum.  But a lump sum settlement will be in the $100,000 -$300,000 range…and they have to pay his medical bills too.

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