Why you need a lawyer for your car accident injury

Every person thinks he/she can handle a simple car accident claim. Some times you can…many times you can’t. Car accidents often involve issues of fault, speed, right of way, dynamic force calculation, litigation venue assessment and on and on. Car accidents involve insurance company experts who can “reconstruct” an accident so it looks like it’s your fault rather than the other driver. They have medical experts they turned to hundreds of times a year to testify that your injuries “pre-existed” the accident or weren’t caused by the accident. There is no way even the smartest person is equipped to stand up to an insurance company. REMEMBER: they haven’t amassed billions of dollars in reserve cash by paying claims. They will fight your claim. It’s their new way of doing business.

At the Law Office of Keith Short we handle serious car accident claims every day. And we win. Let us take care of you. Call for a free consultation at 618-655-9499 or email me at keith@siltrial.com.

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