Why won’t I get the same results in my divorce case as my neighbor got in his?

            In a divorce, results may vary depending on the court you file in or the judge you are in front of. Although there are statutes, and many other factors that guide the judge, the judges may sometimes be able to deviate from those factors, or they may interpret the law differently, depending on the facts and circumstances of each case.

            For example, under the Illinois child support statute, factors are given that the judge must consider when determine how much each parent will be responsible in paying towards child support.  However, the judge, although considering each factor, may deviate from the list of factors given in the statute in the circumstances of the case permits.  A certain case may have an issue that the statute does not address, thus allowing the judge to deviate.  Because each divorce case differs, you may not see the same results as your neighbor who was divorced in the same county.  Also, remember that one judge may not come to the same conclusion as another because they interpret the law differently.

        A divorce is very stressful and you may not get the result you want when fighting it alone.  Contact the Sheina at the Law Office of Keith Short and let her help guide you and fight to get you the best deal possible.  618.254.0055

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