If you have received a ticket in IL for any sort of traffic violation, it is in your best interest to contact attorneys that will have your best interests at heart and will aggressively represent you.  It is imperative that you do not take a traffic ticket lightly. 

 Did you know that 3 convictions for traffic violations within 1 year can result in the suspension or even a revocation of your driver’s license??? 

 Depending on which traffic violations you are convicted of there are different circumstances surrounding how long you will lose your driver’s license and what you hurdles you will have to jump over to be able to legally drive again.  Each violation in which you are convicted of carries a certain number of points.  This amount of points will count against your driver’s license. 

 For example:


01-05 mph over speed limit (detail optional)-----5 points

06-10 mph over speed limit (detail optional)-----5 points

11-14 mph over speed limit-------------------------15 points

15 mph or more over the speed limit (detail optional) (Serious violation)----20 points


 As you can see above, as the speed goes up, the amount of points against your record increases which will most likely mean a longer suspension.  If you have received a traffic citation, please contact the Law Office of Keith Short so that we can help you keep your driving privileges.  618-254-0055

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