Think Before You Post to Social Media!

We always hear how we should not post certain things on social media because it may affect some aspect of our life in a negative way, whether it be our job or a legal proceeding. Take for example, an ex-wife who claims a disability and is receiving maintenance has her maintenance payments cut in half because of what she posts to a blog.

Ms. McGurk was receiving $850 per month in alimony support due to her claimed disability and her inability to work. Her ex-husband, Brian McGurk, took her to court after finding a blog that exhibited Ms. McGurk belly-dancing.  Ms. McGurk also posted on other websites that she took part in vigorous dancing for several house daily.

The county judge slashed Ms. McGurk’s maintenance payments from $850 to $400 a month and required her to pay her husband’s legal fees, as well a large percentage from the sale of their home. If you are going through a divorce and are not sure what to post on social media, call the Law Office of Keith Short and let us help you through the divorce process!


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