The Marriage of Elderly Newlyweds is Brought into Question

The news has recently brought to light that a marriage between a 96-year old woman and a 95-year old man may not be valid.  The couple was together for more than a decade before tying the knot earlier this year.  Ms. Hill was declared legally incapacitated prior to the marriage occurring.  The court stated that the granddaughter of Ms. Hill, who is also Ms. Hill’s co-guardian, acted “improperly by taking her mother to get married without the court’s permission” because of the incompetency issue.  

Determining whether the marriage is valid is very important.  Why?  Because if Ms. Hill was incompetent then the marriage is invalid and when she dies all of her estate will pass to her children and grandchildren, rather than to her new husband.  Although the judge found the marriage to be improper, he believes that breaking up the marriage could “create a circumstance in Ms. Hill’s life that she does not deserve.”

Although Ms. Hill and Mr. Harrison seem very happy together, there is a long road ahead of them that awaits in the legal arena. If you are facing a similar situation where your marriage is being called into question as invalid or voidable, call us at the Law Office of Keith Short and let us help you!



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