The 5 year old case: Even winning every stage can take forever

I recently read an appellate court decision regarding a workers compensation case filed in Chicago by a worker who injured his back. The claim was filed over 5 years ago.  The employer didn’t like the medical records claiming that either the worker didn’t give a clear enough history of injury or the doctors didn’t take record a correct history of the injury.  (Remember, the history you give your doctors can make or break your case!!)  The case went to trial and the worker won….the employer appealed to the WC Commission and the worker won…the employer appealed to the circuit court and the worker won…the employer then appealed to the appellate court…and the worker won.  The worker has won at every level and on every issue and had to wait 5 YEARS for his award.  And, if this was only a 19(b) hearing (designed to get medical treatment started) then the case can go on several more years!!!

Please understand that the workers compensation system can be a long, difficult fight even when the employee is fully entitled to benefits. The Law Office of Keith Short has made those fights and won.  We continue to make them.  If you need a lawyer who will take the fight as far as is necessary then call us today:  The Law Office of Keith Short, 618-655-9499 or 618-254-0055.

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