It’s a simple reality:  Divorce causes more stress, more worry and has a deeper and more personal impact on a person than almost any other area of law.  Our goal at the Law Office of Keith Short is to shepherd you through one of the most heartbreaking, frustrating and financially terrible times of your life.  We know what it’s like to lay in bed wondering how the kids will take the news…worrying about how you’ll get by financially…terrified that you’ll lose your house, or pension.  You don’t just need advice; you need a law firm that will protect you.

 We believe that strong representation does not have to result in endless litigation that serves no purpose other than to line the pockets of lawyers.  Divorce doesn’t have to be the end of your life.  It can be the opportunity for a new, better life; a chance to start over.  But to get to that life you have to protect yourself and your kids…and you have to try to do it in a way that leaves as little “scar tissue” on the people you love…and the people you once loved.  We’re here to help you through this time.  To assist you in this effort we recently hired Sheina Franco.

 Sheina worked for the firm last year as a law clerk while she finished her last year of school.  She second chaired jury trials and workers’ compensation claims.  However, Sheina’s real passion is divorce/family law practice.  Sheina will work with me and our very experienced staff to see that you get the representation you desperately need.  Sheina is a principled person with a strong faith.  She incorporates her belief in strength and fairness into every aspect of her life…including the practice of law. 

 If you want representation from a law firm that understands what you’re going through and will be here to protect you and your children then call us at 618-655-9499 or 618-254-0055.

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