Basketball and Lawyers

It's March Madness time and we hope your brackets aren't busted. Cinderella stories are wonderful and thrilling but usually end in heartbreak. Similarly, picking an unknown or inexperienced lawyer to fight your legal battles might seem like a daring idea...a scrappy young lawyers who's going to give you all he's got... but this isn't the movies or a tourney bracket, this is your life. We've said it before and we'll say it again...if you're going into a courtroom or a basketball court, pick a partner who spends his time playing the game. Experience and the scars of years of legal battles mean your lawyer has seen every play in the defense's book...and he's ready for them. Both the basketball court and the courtroom require wisdom, knowledge of one's opponent, split second decision making and the nerve to put up the shot (or make the closing argument).

Is your lawyer willing to take the shot? If he's uncertain, intimidated or simply hasn't had the chance to take the shot before, then rethink who you want on your team. Pick your team wisely. Pick the Law Office of Keith Short, P.C.

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