Absolute proof that Madison County is NOT a judicial hellhole

The Madison County record recently ran an article that reveled the truth about Madison County…a place they called the 5th worse “judicial hellhole” for companies. Here is the truth: In all 2015 there were a total of 11 jury verdicts. ELEVEN trials total! The defendants won 7 of those cases. In a county that is a “hellhole” only 4 plaintiffs won their cases. Those 4 verdicts were the following amounts.

1. $10,715.00
2. $785,000.00
3. $29,355.00
4. $4958.11

How could Madison County possibly be the 5th worst judicial hellhole in all of America when only 4 plaintiffs won their trials and 3 of those cases were worth less than $30,000.00? If you care about the truth…if you don’t want to see corporations and insurance companies get away lie after lie…then spread this message. Please. It is the truth and people need to know it!!!!!!

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