5 important reasons why Keith Short should be your work comp lawyer!

  1. The Law Office of Keith Short has handled thousands of work comp claims. Keith has tried more cases than he can remember. We have represented employers and insurance companies in the past and know how they think. Keith has worked with nearly every kind of injured employee: pipefitters, iron workers, machinists, bricklayers, restaurant workers, operating engineers, truckers, and just about every kind of state employee. We take the time to learn your job.
  2. We have won millions of dollars in work comp benefits for our clients. We have won permanent total disability awards for police officers, factory workers, maintenance workers, construction workers. We have handled every level of appeal. We were the only firm in the state to tie Parkinson’s disease to an employment exposure. We have tied up hip failures to steroids given for lung disease. We have handled cancer cases, brain damage cases and have handled at least a thousand surgery cases including spinal, knee, shoulder, elbow, hand injury claims. Injury law/medicine is our business.
  3. The Law Office of Keith Short doesn’t take fees that other lawyers do. The Illinois work comp system allows an attorney to take up to 20% of the amount of money awarded for your injury AND up to 20% for the amount of money awarded for your medical bills and TTD (weekly work comp check). Typically we do not take a fee off of the medical bills awarded because he wants to see all of your bills paid if full and doesn’t want any portion to come from your settlement. Also, we don’t take any portion of the TTD check you get each month. If there is a companion case (a civil suit against someone other than the employer) we will reduce our work comp fee to 15% and handle the civil suit.
  4. We can help you find competent doctors. We have a network of doctors in nearly every specialty possible. And, we recommend doctors who will provide the highest possible care. In the end, it’s just a comp claim…your health is the most important thing. We don’t recommend doctors just because they might help increase the value of the case; that’s despicable and, in the end, will not help the client. So, if you need guidance, we can give it.
  5. We can come to you for the initial meeting. Some of our clients are unable to make it to the office for the initial meeting. They might be injured, they might not be able to drive or have access to transportation. We understand. If you decide you want us to represent you then just call. You will deal with Keith one on one but you have to ready to spend an hour together…he likes to talk and he’ll answer all of your questions!

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