4 common defenses insurance companies use in car accident lawsuits

  1. You’re the problem.” Even though you’re hurt in a car accident, it is very common for insurance companies (even your own) to say that the accident was really your fault. We have seen this happen even when our client was sitting at a stop sign. This defense almost always fails once we take the other driver’s deposition.
  2. Well, you’re part of the problem.” This is called contribution or contributory fault. The insurance company will often say that part of the fault of the accident is because of something you did. Then they will seek to reduce how much they owe you because of something you allegedly did.
  3. You’re not really injured.” The insurance companies love to hire medical experts who will testify that you’re faking it…or exaggerating. They will hire people to spy on you. They will claim that your films don’t really show an injury related to the accident. Don’t worry about these “experts.” We have handled their doctors in every conceivable kind of case. We understand the medicine and know how to attack their doctors’ opinions.
  4. No one could be injured in a low impact crash.” The insurance company will hire bio-engineers who will claim that it’s impossible that you could have been injured in such a low impact crash. We can handle them. Their science is junk; we can handle them. A few times we’ve even been able to have their experts thrown out completely.

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