Stubborn and wrong is a costly combination

A month ago a client walked into the office to tell us about her recent dental procedure.  She arrived at her appointment expecting to have a root canal.  Turns out the dentist did everything but remove the root, yet she was billed for a full root canal.  Her oral pain was persistent, so she went to another dentist.  He took Xrays and (shock!) the root was still there, fully intact.  She came to me.  I told her if they would refund part of her money (since she paid twice for the procedure) and give her $500 that would be fair.  If the first dentist did that then I wouldn’t charge her more than one hour of work and the whole thing would be over.  I called the first dentist’s employer…they acted like we were crazy.  I sent them the x-rays showing the root was still there.  They refused to reimburse her.  I prepared a lawsuit.  They sent it to legal counsel.  We settled the case for $15,000.00.  Our original demand was $3,000.00.  They paid 5 times as much (and a lawyer) because the HR person was arrogant, rude and simply wouldn’t do the right thing. 

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