Trucking Accidents

Trucking Accident Law Attorney Near Edwardsville IL and More

Semi-truck accidents typically result in catastrophic injuries, the Keith Short and Associates, P.C. will help you to focus on what you and your family need to do to recover. We are the truck accident law attorney that provides you with the compassionate representation that you need after a truck accident near Collinsville IL. As an experienced catastrophic injury law attorney close to Alton IL we know what a toll this type of accident can take on a family. We also know what the insurance companies can try to do after motor vehicle accidents involving commercial trucks.

Get Justice

At Keith Short and Associates, P.C., we specialize in helping you to get justice after an accident. Whether we are acting as your wrongful death lawyer near Belleville IL or your truck accident injury attorney nearby Granite City IL, you get the same focused attention that your case deserves. The insurance companies have teams of attorneys that are ready to deny you compensation for your injuries and prevent you from getting the medical care that you deserve. We help you to get justice, recover your financial losses for you and your family that are due to the accident and ensure that:

  • You get the medical care that you or your loved one deserves
  • That the insurance company is held accountable
  • You right to compensation is preserved

Insurance companies will fight vigorously to not have to pay out what you deserve. We are here to fight back and make sure that they do. We make sure that they follow the letter of the law and do not take advantage of you.

We Will Help

An accident can send you into a tail spin of confusion. We can help you to sort things out! Contact us today for help!