Money and Political Power Influence: The Supreme Court Unfortunately Favors the Fortunate

Whether you are a Republican or Democrat is irrelevant. People who know me from the city council or as a lawyer will tell you I have a reputation of being balanced and open minded. The newspaper here recently wrote a very complimentary article about me and mentioned my willingness to see both sides of every argument. So, understand my feelings here are NOT grounded in party politics...but rather the over influence of the rich. I'm not rich but I'm better off than many and I don't think I should have the right to purchase more political influence or advertising than the average American. Access to the media is
politics. Today's Supreme Court ruling simply means that any one mega-rich person (and there are billionaire Democrats too) can outspend and out influence the citizens of an entire community, county or even some states. Does anyone think that makes sense? I don't. Super-rich, super-small groups can buy almost anything...including people's attention...because as Americans we don't research; we don't do broad based analysis; we just watch TV. And believe whatever our TV channel of choice tells us...whether it's Fox or MSNBC. And this terrifies me more than al Qaeda ever has.

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