What’s the best compliment a lawyer can get?

Lawyers don’t get a lot of compliments; we usually don’t deserve them. But it seems to me that the highest professional compliment a lawyer can get is when a former opponent asks you to represent a family member.  I currently represent family members of three defense/insurance lawyers with whom I have had cases.  I have a fourth client referred by a former opponent, but that person isn’t the lawyer’s family, just a close friend.  Note:  I will not represent a family member of an opposing counsel with whom I’m currently in a lawsuit.

We value all of our clients equally. But, there is something particularly gratifying about having a former opponent ask you to represent his/her family.  These lawyers know the quality of representation our clients receive and they know the depth of the commitment we make to the case and the client.

If a defense lawyer can trust us with a family member, so can you. If you are injured at work or by the negligence of another; if you’re thinking about divorce or have a family law issue then call us.  We get things done.  The Law Office of Keith Short. 618-655-9499 or 618-254-0055.

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