Trying a case: Experience v. brains.

Over the Christmas break we received a decision on a case we tried last month. We won. I tried the case against a former professor, a very smart guy (smarter than me) but, it seemed, not very experienced in workers’ compensation trials. The judge sided with us on every issue. I was very happy for my client but sorry for the defendant because it was apparent to me that we would win. We were willing to settle the case for $35,000.00. The total amount awarded was over $45,000, so the defendant owed much more because she went to trial. Also, she likely had to pay her attorney $10,000. In the end, she will pay $20,000 more than had she simply settled.

What people need to understand is this: a smart, very experienced trial lawyer will beat a very smart, inexperienced trial lawyer almost every time. Be certain your lawyer has relevant experience. The greatest brain surgeon in the world would probably be a lousy ankle surgeon. Hire someone with a proven record of success. The Law Office of Keith Short. 618-655-9499 or 618-254-0055

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