Plaintiff lawyers hate phony lawsuits more than anyone! (read why below)

There is an idea out there that lawyers love all lawsuits. The truth is that frivolous lawsuits hurt the legal system, lawyers and honest people. A client who is not legitimately injured costs his lawyer both credibility and money. Lawsuits require financial investment and work hours from the lawyers. Any lawyer who finds out his client is lying or hiding important information (prior lawsuits, prior injuries, deceitful past…) wants to do two things: scream at the client and drop the lawsuit.
Here’s the truth: not a single good lawyer wants to file a BS or frivolous case because he/she will lose 99 times out of 100. Jurors see the truth and deny those cases almost every single time. Often, a good defense lawyer will rip a weak case to pieces long before it gets to the courthouse. Yesterday I had a defense lawyer send me information which convinced me that my “sweet-as-candy” client was lying. I called the client and dropped the case. I’m not wasting my time, money and credibility on a person who I feel is lying or playing the system.
Those BS lawsuits hurt the cases of truly injured folks by clogging the court system and souring jurors. No one wants to see a BS case filed…that’s why the truly frivolous lawsuit is so very rare. No one hates BS lawsuits more than successful plaintiff lawyers.

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