One of the reasons I take pride in our firm

My favorite thing about being an employee at The Law Office of Keith Short is that no matter how much a case is worth, our attorneys treat everyone with the same respect.  Recently, we had new clients come in for a relatively small case.  Although their case had little monetary value due to the small injury, Keith spent over an hour speaking with them about their rights and what steps we would take next.

It's honestly shocking to me how many clients come in who tell us that Keith explains more to them in our intake meeting than their prior counsel did during their whole attorney-client relationship.  I can honestly say, that I am proud of how much our firm does to help people, regardless of how much money we will make off of their claim. If you want a firm who truly cares no matter how large or small the case is, then call The Law Office of Keith Short, P.C., 618-254-0055.

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