One example of a bad insurance company

We recently had to try a case because of the refusal of the defendant and her insurance company to even try to work out the case.  My client was an 8 year old boy who was struck by the defendant’s car as he was using a crosswalk.  The defendant was ticket for failure to yield to a pedestrian and failure to stop at the stop sign.  Two adult witnesses saw the accident and placed fault on the driver.  Fortunately the little guy only had a sprained ankle and some leg and back pain that resolved within 5 months.  His ambulance and hospital bills only totaled $2,700.00.  We were willing to settle the whole case for $5,000.00 to compromise all issues. But, the defendant’s insurance company refused to make any offer!  They gave no explanation.  They admitted their driver was at fault…they just refused to pay even the medical bills.  Then the defendant refused to show up for her depo and then refused to show up for her trial!  The 3 judge panel awarded my client $7,200.00.  All of this was made necessary because American Family Insurance and their client just refused to do what was right.  I’m still baffled.


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