No Small Cases

I overheard some lawyers discussing their cases.  I heard one lawyer ask the other if he had any “big cases” going.  The second lawyer responded “No, not really. Mostly I’m handling some piddly matters of no major value.” I was awestruck. Clearly, the 2nd lawyer thinks the value of a case is how much money it is worth (to the lawyer.)

I would hate to be the 2nd lawyer’s client. I’d hate to think that someone considered my matter “piddly” or unimportant.

In my view, there is no such thing as a “small case.” If someone has the kind of problem that requires a lawyer, it is a serious matter.  At my firm, we don’t handle “small cases.” That’s because we believe there is no such thing as a “small case.”

We’ve handled multimillion-dollar injury cases, and we’ve handled cases which settled for $25. All our clients are treated with the same level of attention and respect.

If you are uncertain if you have a case, we’d be glad to discuss it with you.  If you have a case it makes sense to pursue, we will tell you. If we think you don’t, we will let you know in clear and honest terms. If it’s something we think can be better handled by another attorney, we have a wide circle of colleagues to whom we can refer you.

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