Hire the law firm other lawyers trust.

In the last two months the Law Office of Keith Short has been hired to represent lawyers in two separate matters.  Both lawyers are excellent litigators and very seasoned attorneys…and both lawyers wanted a tenacious trial team to represent them, so they hired our firm.  We are currently representing over 100 clients who were referred to us by other law firms.  Those firms could have handled the cases themselves and kept all of the fees.  They didn’t.  Instead, they made the choice to refer the cases to us and take only 1/3 of the fee.  But by hiring us they know they increase the chances they’ll get paid and so will the clients.  We are very good at what we do. Our litigation teams are so successful that we’ve been asked by multiple defense lawyers to represent their respective family members.

If other lawyers, other firms and even defense lawyers turn to us, so should you.  If you need help then call us for a free consultation.  The Law Office of Keith Short, 618-655-9499 or 618-254-0055.  Or visit us at www.siltrial.com.

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