Five (5) things we would like our clients to know about the claim / litigation process:

  1. We meet with you and get all the information about the accident. When you come in for the meeting, please bring any information you have that relates to the accident. This will help us to get a complete picture of the case
  2. We must order all the medical records and bills. This can be one of the longest parts of the preparation. Some providers use the entire 30 days before they process the request.
  3. Once we get the entire set of medical records we send the records and bills to the adjuster to request a settlement offer. They take the information and formulate a response.
  4. They will typically provide us an offer. We will contact the client and discuss the options. This is when we decide to take their offer, provide a counter offer or just file the case.
  5. If settlement does not work out, we will try the case. We will do discovery questions to and from defendant. We then take depositions. Once we get a trial date we will have an opportunity to present all of the information to a panel of jurors. They will take the information and formulate a decision as to who “wins” and how much the settlement will be if in favor of the plaintiff.

Unfortunately, when a case begins we do not know how long the whole process will take. It largely depends on the adjuster, the treatment and the court calendar. Be certain though that we will work diligently to move the case as quickly and proficiently as possible to help you put this troubling time behind you. Call the Law Office of Keith Short, we can help you navigate this process. 618-254-0055


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